In movie theaters, why is it so cold?

It is not my favorite thing to go to the movies.

My problem with it is not the fact that I don’t enjoy it, but rather the fact that I end up falling asleep all the time because of it.

This means I never get to see the entire movie and most of the time I have to rewatch it once it’s released on a different medium. It’s nothing new, I’ve been sleeping in movies For as long as I can remember, I have been going to theaters. There is quite a bit of noise in the theater and a lot of people are laughing and perhaps talking during the movie, but none of that bothers me at all. There is nothing better than sleeping in a movie theater. In addition to the light coming from the screen, it is usually dark inside a theater, and what’s even better is that the temperature inside is usually cool, which makes it perfect for curling up and going to sleep. Especially if the theater has those reclinable chairs that you can lie back on while you watch a movie. Despite the fact that I love that the room is cold, I still want to keep my body warm while I sleep in order to stay asleep, which is why I only need a sweater. Some people enjoy the air conditioning in theaters, while others complain that it is always so cold. Because I know it will be cold, I always carry a sweater or a light jacket. Did you know that before air conditioners became a thing, movie theaters were among the first buildings to be air conditioned? Watching a movie in a hot and possibly smelly space was unattractive to many people before A/Cs were installed. As a result of Carrier installing one of the first A/Cs in a New York City theater, patrons flocked to the theater to watch movies in comfort.

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