Is there a reason why movie theaters are so cold?

I don’t like going to the movies.

  • It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I fall asleep all the time.

As a result, I rarely see the entire movie and usually have to rewatch it once it’s released on a different format. Since I can remember, I’ve been sleeping in movie theaters. The movie is noisy, and people are laughing and talking during it, but none of that bothers me. Sleeping in a movie theater is a great idea. It’s usually dark inside a theater, and the temperature inside is usually cold, so it’s perfect for curling up and sleeping. Especially if the theater has reclining chairs. While I love that the room is cold, I like to keep my body warm while I sleep, so I only need a sweater. Some people love the A/C in theaters, while others complain about it. Since I know it will be cold, I always carry a sweater or a light jacket. Before air conditioners became a thing, movie theaters were among the first buildings to be air conditioned? Many people didn’t want to sit in a hot and possibly smelly room while watching a movie before the A/Cs were installed. A/Cs were installed by Carrier for the first time in a New York City theater, and as a result, patrons flocked to the theater to watch movies in a comfortable environment thanks to the A/Cs.

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