It’s amazing how far HVAC technology has come

We just shelled out a bunch of currency a couple of months ago on a new heating plus A/C and the thing is just incredible.

We got our first electric bill and it is about 72% less than a year ago when I had our old one running in July, one of the hottest and most costly energy months of the year.

I assume the current central air conditioner will pay for itself within a few years with the savings of the power bills. It’s amazing how far they have come in the field and how much better it is for the environment with the cuts in the power usage. Heating plus A/C technology hasn’t been around that long in the scheme of things but they have particularly made it much more efficient plus reliable over those years. I need to google to see when the air conditioner was invented and how it worked back then. Maybe it was just a fan blowing over some ice or something like that. I know that refrigerators basically used ice to keep the food cool so I can imagine that A/C was entirely similar in its technology back then. Now I have solar and geothermal powered units to heat up the house in the winter season and they hardly use any energy at all. I still like making a superb aged fashioned fire in the fireplace in the winter season to keep us hot but on nights when I don’t feel like cutting wood I can just adjust the temperature control and let the heating and A/C idea do the work.

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