My HVAC might just need a tune up

I’ve been going full tilt for a week now working on the outside of the home and playing volleyball these days, but this week I am going to do nothing at all.

My body is telling me to take a rest because it is really sore and I have very little energy this week so I am going to listen to it and just relax. I may do some reading up on heating and A/C systems and repairs because I have an issue with the cooling system and I would like to see what the concern could be before calling an heating and A/C expert to come and check it out. I guess it is something simple despite the fact that I want to do some reading to make sure I understand how it works. I think it may just need a cleaning or a tune-up to get it cooling the home down like it was last year during our really overheated summer. It is taking longer than normal to cool the home down and I would guess that it got too dirty possibly. I study that the coils on the condenser get dirty and when they do it doesn’t cool down as abruptly. I may buy some of that spray cleaner and spray it on the coils to see if it helps. I have a digital thermometer that I can hold up to the vent to tell me the air temperature coming from the heating and A/C system. It used to be about 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature in the home but now it is only 10 degrees cooler. I’ll figure it out.

furnace/heater tune-up