Need to find a nicer air filter

I have been having pretty bad issues with my indoor pollen levels. I do not know what exactly is causing it, but what I do know is that I really need to get a nicer indoor media air cleaner from somewhere. I am not wanting to go for a whole house sized air purification machine because they are all too overpriced for me and my income. What I may have to do to find a truly nice indoor media air cleaner is build one myself in terms of maybe using a few different portable media air cleaners. That may be the best way to get myself a really nice indoor media air cleaner. I heard that portable media air cleaners can do wonders for my bad indoor air pollen levels if you buy the right kind and spread them around the house accordingly, and portable media air cleaners can be not too high-priced if you can find them discounted. Which I see them on sale sometimes at the local outlet store every one of us have here in the city. A nice neighbor of mine had cured his indoor air pollen levels issues with a couple of portable media air cleaners. So this is why I am thinking I will do the same. The only disadvantages with these nice portable media air cleaners are that they have actually high-priced HEPA air filters in them, however just to replace 1 air filter of the portable air purification plan you are looking at twenty bucks or more for each filter! It is insane. But if it will act as a nice indoor media air cleaner, i’ll have to consider it further.
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