Nice cold A/C in the car

The older I get plus the more trials and tribulations I go through the less it all bothers me.

If I could tell my younger self one thing to make life more fun it would be to just enjoy the ride.

All the ups and downs are built into the equation of life plus are supposed to happen to teach us things. If I can weather the storm in the down times then it would make it much more pleasant to go through those “bad” things and cause us a lot less grief plus stress. Like the time my central furnace decided to stop finally working on one of the coldest days of the wintertime. We ended up buying a big turkey at the local corporation which sells meat and cooked it in the oven for many hours, heating the home up nicely in the process. Another time, our cooling system stopped working on a honestly warm day so I drove the car, with nice frosty AC, and went swimming all day in the ocean. When I came back at night the cooling system somehow started to work again so I avoided the issue altogether. Life can throw you a lot of curveballs, but if you take it gracefully and with some patience, it ends up not being that bad and just becomes another memory for you to laugh at. I remember one time our HEPA filter fell from its holder in the air handler and I had a bunch of dust blowing throughout the house. We just laughed at it and put the HEPA back in its spot.

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