Super happy with the HVAC tech

I can not say enough nice things about Pat, my independent heating and air conditioning pro. They are constantly there when I need them to be. They constantly do the most quality heating and cooling job no matter what the job is, and Pat is also so friendly! All of this makes for quality heating and air conditioning house services. I have never used a heating and cooling pro this amazing in my entire life! Heating and air conditioning workers that are independent are tough to find in my state as it is. And the fact that I happened to pick a single that is just super good is a lucky break in my book. I often offer money tips to my independent heating and air conditioning specialist because for the quality of job Pat does and the prices he charges, I guess he deserves a little more. But Pat is actually humble. When I offer the independent heating and air conditioning worker the money tips Pat says thanks but no thanks, and he will not take them because he says he is just doing his job. And Pat feels that quality should just be a given with all heating and air conditioning workers. If they come from a major heat and air conditioning corporation or if they are independent heating and air conditioning pros love him it does not matter. If you are going to be a pro heating and cooling specialist, every single last job you do should be of the most top quality. I know Patis right, but still I guess he should take my tips. At least once. Because Pat really really deserves it more than anything!

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