The electric heaters cost a lot to use

I do not have electric heating in my home.

  • And that includes central heating.

The reason why is because running the electric heater makes my utility bills high. The only form of electric heater that you will ever see me use is a portable space heater. Otherwise, the only form of heater for me is a gas furnace. The small gas furnace takes no electric to run. And because of that my energy bills remain pretty good in the super chilly Winter seasons while others around me have higher electric bills because they are running electric heaters through a central heating and air conditioning plan or some other form of electric heater. I learned this about electric heaters several years ago; Many people I know guess I am unusual for heating my house the way I do and the reason behind it. But if every one of us all thought and acted the same, every one of us would never become our own person right? I will continue to use a gas gas furnace for my gas furnace as long as I can. If there ever comes a day where they stop making gas heaters I will then switch over to a tepid water boiler. Those will constantly be around and they take actually little electric to run much the same as a portable space heater. So this is my feelings on oil oil furnaces and heating in general. You might agree with me and you may not. It doesn’t matter. This is who I am and this is what I think when it comes to heating my home. And by golly I am going to stick with it as long as HVAC technology allows me to!


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