The purchaser did not enjoy the estimate

I inspected an AC problem for a residential purchaser as well as the guy was genuinely unhappy with my estimate.

  • I felt that I quoted his the lowest price available.

I even called my boss to see if we could do any better. I left the estimate with the purchaser as well as I went to the next job… A couple of days later, I recognized the same address on my trip sheet again. I asked my boss if the job was an replacement. He told myself and others that that toil was an estimate as well as I reminded him that we had performed an estimate for the same purchaser the previous week. My boss contacted the man on the cellphone! When he found out that we were not going to provide his another free estimate, he hung up the cellphone as well as said he would call the corporate office. There was genuinely no reason for his to get frustrated. The two of us had already provided his with an estimate for the services as well as service toil that needed to be completed on his heat pump as well as AC unit. The two of us even gave to provide the purchaser a 10% discount. She was still unhappy with the toil as well as I knew there wasn’t any other corporation out there who was going to do the toil for a cheaper price than our company. She was already atcost minus 10%. I believe he wanted us to provide it away for free, however heating as well as AC service as well as replacement toil costs a lot of money as well as time. She never called back again, so I believe he found someone else to complete the repair.

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