The worst part about the divorce was the lawyer bill

My wife and I were married for 15 years.

We had two wonderful children together.

Jack is 15 and Maria is 13. Both of the kids excel in school and sports. They are easily the best thing that I have ever done in my life. One day Jack is going to be an engineer and Maria is hoping to find a position in the medical field. It’s important that the kids have everything that they want and need, even though my wife and I are divorced. The divorce cost me a fortune. I had to get a lawyer to fight for joint custody of the kids because my wife was really upset and angry when I finally had enough and filed for divorce. She wanted the kids to live with her and I wanted them to live with me at least part of the time. We spoke to the judge at Great length individually and together. The judge agreed that the best thing for the children was to have time with both of us. Our shared custody arrangement means that I have to pay for half of all problems related to the kids. My ex-wife recently tried to send me a bill for half of the cost of a new furnace. I already paid the mortgage on the house and I don’t get to live there with my kids. I wasn’t about to Shell out $3,000 to help pay for a new furnace. The judge agreed with me and ruled in my favor when my wife tried to push the subject. She gets $3,000 every month from me for child support. She could use that for the furnace.


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