This was a horrible story

I learned from the internet about the local corporation building that burned down recently. It was really horrible that a propane boiler was the cause of it all! From what the news blog said, the local corporate building burned down because they had a propane boiler which exploded… It was Lucky that no 1 was hurt or killed because it happened in the middle of the evening when no 1 was in the building. But I really think it’s bad for the owners and the workers. They are all going to have to deal with some money issues for a little while because of this anxious set back. The major thing that reading this story alerted me to is that I should never even guess about getting a propane boiler in my home! I will stick with my trusty central heating and cooling system. Anyway I just bought a brand new model central heating and air conditioning plan so I would not even be thinking about shopping for any other brand of heating and cooling unit for the next 15 years at least. But when that time comes I will constantly recall the news story I learn about the propane boiler blowing up on its own and being the reason for the fire that destroyed the corporation building in my local area. I never thought that propane boilers were so dangerous! But I know that I should have known. Because anything involving gas or fuel of any kind has a risk that comes with it. Well, several huge risks actually. No thank you! I will stick with central heating and air conditioning and pay the high electric bills.


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