Time to sit back to appreciate my hard work

Another week has ended and more has been accomplished and completed, so now it’s time to sit back and enjoy all of the hard work I’ve done. We are all trying to do our best, and if we practice a little self-love and appreciate ourselves and what we’ve done, we will feel a sense of gratitude and inner peace that we so often miss out on feeling. I tattooed the word patience on my wrist to remind me to be patient with me to make things work out a little more smoothly. Like the time my fireplace got jammed up and the smoke backed up into my residing room and ruined a lot of the furniture with smoke odor. I patiently fixed the problem first before reacting to it and all was better without having to go through the downside emotions and turmoil that comes so easily in times like this. I eventually switched to a gas fireplace, which saved me a lot of the hassle of cutting and hauling wood, and everything was better in the end. I have a whole condo heating method but I like to use the fireplace to heat the house when it isn’t too cold out. If it does get super cold out then I need to run the main unit because the fireplace doesn’t heat the whole house too well. I have a hydronic heating method and it has legitimately saved me a lot of currency compared to an electric type. It uses warm water to heat all of the rooms evenly.

mini split air conditioner