What is the reason for the extreme cold in movie theaters?

I do not enjoy watching movies. It is not because I do not enjoy it, but rather because I end up falling asleep all the time because of it. Due to the fact that I rarely have the opportunity to watch the entire movie, I usually have to rewatch it once it becomes available on another platform. As far back as I can remember, I have been sleeping in movies. The theater is quite crowded, and many people are laughing and talking during the film, but none of that bothers me. The best way to sleep is in a movie theater. In addition to the light coming from the screen, it is typically dark inside a theater, and the temperature inside is usually cool, making it ideal for curling up and falling asleep. Watching a movie in those reclinable chairs is particularly enjoyable. Even though I enjoy sleeping in a cold room, I need to keep my body warm in order to stay asleep, which is why I wear a sweater while I sleep. As a result of the air conditioning in theaters, others complain that it is always cold. I always carry a light jacket or sweater because I know it will be cold. Movie theaters were one of the first buildings to have air conditioning before air conditioners became common. Watching a movie in a hot and possibly smelly room was unattractive before air conditioners were installed. In New York City, after one of the first air conditioners was installed by Carrier, theater patrons flocked to the theater.


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