Why are movie theaters so cold?

I do not enjoy going to the movies.

  • Well, it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but it’s because I end up falling asleep all the time.

This means I never get to see the entire movie and most of the time I have to rewatch it once it’s released on a different medium. This is nothing new, I have been sleeping in movie theaters for as long as I can remember. Yes, it’s noisy and people are laughing and perhaps talking during the movie, but none of that bothers me. Movie theaters are perfect for sleeping. Besides the light from the screen, it’s usually dark inside a theater, and best of all, the temperature inside is usually cold, so it’s perfect to curl up and go to sleep. Especially if the theater has those reclinable chairs. The only thing that I need is a sweater because, although I do love that the room is cold, I like to keep my body warm while I sleep. The A/C in theaters is always so cold and some people love it while others complain. I have always had a sweater with me or a light jacket because I know that it will be cold. Fun fact, did you know that before air conditioners became a thing, movie theaters were among the first buildings to be air conditioned? Prior to the A/Cs being installed, many people had no desire to sit in a hot and perhaps smelly space to watch a movie. Carrier installed one of the first A/Cs in a New York City theater and patrons flocked to the theater to watch movies in a comfortable environment.

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