Why even bother with heating and cooling systems?

This paragraph is going to be about heating and cooling systems, but hold on before I get to that.

Why do some people accomplish so much in life, while others merely just get by? I’ve been pursuing the arts for the past 20 years, but is it worth the struggle when, in the end, nobody will remember us and what we did? I could launch a successful HVAC company only to see it disappear in the end, when I retire.

Why not take a boring job and just get by? I know it comes down to when you are alive, and how doing great things gives you a feeling of accomplishment. If you do nothing your whole life, wouldn’t you lead a miserable life? So, why not do something great and worthy of recognition while you are alive? I ran my own local HVAC company for several years before I shut it down and I am sure all the people have forgotten about it – except for me. It did open doors for me. I used the money to travel and to buy a couple houses. If I hadn’t started that heating and cooling systems company, and just worked as a janitor for a school, I may not have had the experience I got traveling around the world! I still have a lot I want to do with my new life, and am hoping I live long enough to do some fun things, for sure. I also am still working in the HVAC industry, completing systems installations and repairs, although I only work part-time now.

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