I accidentally purchased a defective portable a/c

I purchased a portable air conditioning plan the other week and it turned out to be defective; then when I went to turn on the portable air conditioning plan after buying it, it made a loud noise and then fully stopped really working! I had to return the portable air conditioning plan to the store that I purchased it from and explain to them what happened.

  • While it took a bit to get them to supply me with a refund, they finally did, and with that I went and purchased another brand portable air conditioning plan that works great! I did not want to even mess with the same brand of portable a/c.

Because if that was defective and made it to the shelves of stores, that tells me that the heating and A/C brand is cheap and anything else from them would most likely be defective as well. Which is why I waited for my refund to come through and then went to another store and purchased another brand portable a/c; this modern portable air conditioning plan that I have absolutely cools my study room in the super warm summer time months of the year. It makes it so that I do not have to run my central heating and A/C plan in the evening. Which in turn, saves on overall energy use and I can save currency when the energy bill comes in the mail the following month. I wish I had just spent the extra few bucks and purchased this brand of portable air conditioning plan in the first locale, however I was also trying to save currency.


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