My sister knew her stuff, with social media marketing.

I wouldn’t tell her I thought this way, but I believe my sister may be one of the smartest people I know. Last year, she started her own online web development company. She has four other people who work for her, and one of them is an HVAC specialist. She talked our father into joining the company. After being the owner of an HVAC company for twenty years, he was ready for a change. He went to school to learn about web development and social media marketing. I took over the HVAC company and am now using him for my social media marketing and web solutions. I knew I needed a stronger website if I wanted to succeed in my area. There were a lot of challenges and a lot of competition. Unless I could get my HVAC company website to the top of the list, i was going to be left in the dust. I was only thirty and running an established and successful HVAC company, and I wanted it to stay that way. My father said he had been interested in computers and social media long before any of his kids were born. Going to school with my sister was a natural progression for him. He retired from HVAC, but he still worked with HVAC technicians and company owners. I not only ask my sister’s opinion on how to get noticed on the internet, but I use my father’s expertise for all of my online marketing and social media ads. Maybe someday I’ll hand the HVAC company over to my son, and it will be my turn to take up another career.


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