The acquaintance is remodeling plus they have a portable toilet set up outside

The smell coming from the neighbor’s front yard is almost unbearable.

I have to plug my nose every time I walk outside to get in my car, however my kids complain plus my wifey does not even want to cook because the smell is so off putting, however we’ve been going out to dinner every night so the two of us can get away from the terrible plus horrible stench, the girl across the street has been remodeling her entire home from the floor to the ceiling.

It took a month of demolition to get rid of all the moldy plus rotten wood from the hour floor of that old house. I’m cheerful someone bought the property plus decided to service it up. It has charm plus nostalgia plus the property address once served as the city jailhouse. The acquaintance has been staying in a hotel a few miles away while the work is being completed. There are suppliers plus plumbers all over the property all afternoon plus half of the evening. The plumbing is shut off completely while in the remodel, so there is a portable job johnny in the front yard. The bathroom smells so terrible. The girl had someone give the portable toilet last week, plus I have not seen anyone come back to pump it out. There must be loads of crap in that toilet plus I mean that literally plus figuratively, then last night, I opened the bathroom window plus the smell of the outdoor toilet was overwhelming. I’ve been thinking about contacting the city, however it would be better to confront my acquaintance plus ask the girl to do something about the problem.


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