The air filter was destroyed

I order air filters online, because they are cheaper! In the store, the air filters are around $15 each! Online, I can find them for $10 each, that is a significant amount of savings.

I buy air filters that are made for homes that have several pets.

I have several pets in our home and it is important to make sure that the dust and dander don’t cause too many issues for our dust sensitivities. I do have a mild allergy to my pets, however it does not keep me from having them in the house. I will happily deal with sneezing and coughing if it means I can have my pets. The air purification plan works out well and the air filters do a wonderful job too. I change the air filters once each week, then since I buy the air filters online, I usually get a box of 12 so I can change the air filters every 2 weeks. I used the last air filter from the box Last month and it was ripped in half. I was bummed out about the ripped air filter, because I had already thrown away the outdated one. It had mayonnaise and mustard from pets at supper time and I could not get it out of the trash. I could not use the air filter that was ripped in half either, so I had to go to the hardware store and pay a premium fee for one air filter from the store. They got me for 20 bucks, because they only had charcoal filters that were made with HEPA air filtration technology.

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