The HVAC maintenance was done at the crack of dawn

I had been hired by the CEO of a particular fortune 500 company to help with indoor comfort, and the only slot I could get in my schedule was at 4 AM on a particular Thursday.

I spoke to the customer, and he gave me the go-ahead to come to his house.

This was unusual in my work as an HVAC professional, as I used to slot in customers at an odd time of the day according to their schedule or availability. I only gave this treatment to high-priority customers or customers willing to pay the extra fee. This CEO had been a long-term client in the HVAC business, so we gladly obliged when he requested that we visit his house early in the day. He had an event later that day and needed us to check on his HVAC unit. I had two HVAC repairmen with me to handle the job. They were also with me the last time we did the HVAC installation for the same customer. During the HVAC maintenance, we noted that a significant component was worn out, which affected the entire HVAC system. After consulting my colleagues and brainstorming, we thought the only way forward was to use the new HVAC technology and incorporate the new HVAC equipment. We did not need to replace the entire system with the latest technology. The HVAC brand also allowed us to swap out the worn-out components without compromising the system’s function. The company I worked for had procured the latest technology equipment from the HVAC provider, and for some reason, I had thought to carry one of the required parts to fix the CEO’s quality HVAC system. We finished the maintenance by upgrading the wifi thermostat to a programmable one.


a/c worker