Where would every one of us be without bees?

My child is constantly complaining about all the bees she says! She can’t understand why every one of us need bees & thinks that extermination is the only way to handle them, i need to agree about not wanting bees around me.

I do not like when I see a swarm of bees & get aggravated when I see them boring holes in our porch.

I guess some bees may not be helpful, but most bees are… Although she was only multiple, I had to tell her about the importance of bees. I took her outside & showed her how the bees flit from flower to flower. I told her they were taking the nectar from inside 1 flower & transferring it to the next flower… This helps the flower make modern flowers for the next year, bees & particular pigeons do the same thing with our garden. If the bees weren’t there to take the nectar from the fruit tree buds, or the vegetable in our garden, the vegetables & fruits wouldn’t grow. The two of us would soon be out of food for the animals & ourselves, & life wouldn’t exist, when she thought about what I said, she cried. She didn’t understand the bee side of it, but knowing life would end without the pollination process made her sad. She looked at her baby sibling & said he may prefer to have superb food someday instead of constantly using the bottle, & she liked cereal & oatmeal. I smiled & told her that is why every one of us had to take care of the bees & not kill them all.

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