A very common sense approach to less air conditioning for summer

Really, now that I think about it, I was dumb not to go straight to a local source on managing the heat of summer. I guess I was sort of thinking that everybody dealt with the HVAC cooling running all the time. The fact that I wasn’t spending so much money on HVAC heating was also a big factor and putting off and air conditioning strategy. The gas furnace where I used to live was awesome and provided us with a great HVAC heating. Yet, there were big heating costs involved. So when we moved south, I guess I just figured that I was sort of breaking even at worst with all the HVAC cooling expense. When we first moves down here, the heat pump was running nearly all the time from June through September. We did nothing but pretty much stay inside the air conditioning all summer. Again, this has everything to do with having the mentality of staying inside the HVAC heating all winter. Finally, I ended up asking a native of the area about his air conditioning costa. I was stunned by how little he was paying. The thing was but my friend doesn’t turn on the air-conditioning until the temperatures are consistently in the 90s during the heat of the day. Doing so allows your body to acclimate to the higher temperatures. So when he does turn on the air conditioning he doesn’t need nearest high for thermostat setting throughout the entire summer. My wife and I tried that approach this past spring. It worked like a charm. Not only did we hold down air conditioning expenses but we got outside a whole lot more.



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