An odd location to find these great air filters

The other day as I was doing my shopping at the grocery store I could not suppose what I had saw! I actually found HEPA air filters for our central heating and AC in the grocery store and they were on sale.

I do not know what HEPA air filters for central heating and ACs or anything for that matter were even doing there.

After shopping at the same grocery store for over 6 years I had never once seen heating and AC air filters or any other kind of air filters in the grocery store. I know maybe this was something they just started to sell and are trying out. But I can tell you because they were on sale for such a killer price I actually obtained a nice handful of them so I do not have to go to the store for HEPA air filters for a while. This will not only save myself and others money by the great sale that I got for these, but it will also save myself and others gas for our motorcar as well. Also, if this becomes an ongoing thing where the grocery store sells air filters for central heating and ACs, I never have to worry about going to the hardware store again and I can just go to the grocery store to buy the HEPA air filters for our central heating and AC. Even if they are not on sale, it still saves myself and others money because the grocery store is much closer to my house than the hardware store. It is just a great deal all together and I am feeling gleeful I found it.



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