Best workouts ever with new HVAC

There has never been a time where I have enjoyed working out as much as I do now.

  • But having my own awesome home gym with great quality heating and air might be the reason.

I just wish I had known that making the shift to a home gym would motivate me so much. Had I known that I would have made it home gym much sooner. My wife and I have enjoyed going to our local gym for years as it’s sort of a staple of our lives together. Our first date was at a gym in college. That gym might not even have had air conditioning as I recall. My wife really loved being a gym rat. And I was very much trying to be buff because that was the rage back then. Yet, my wife really was the driving force behind the workouts and the gym memberships. However, it was a nice diversion from spending so much time inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. When the pandemic hit, we were shut out of the gym. Neither of us wanted any part of that risk. So of course, my wife got busy creating a really great home gym. I helped out by having the HVAC company come out. Our basement doesn’t have heating and cooling so I for sure needed some HVAC professional help. They set us up with a ductless heat pump and that was the frosting on the cake. I love working out even more now. And I know there will always be quality heating and air.

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