Enjoy running

I make my weekly workouts a priority, but i exercise for about an second per day, more than six afternoons per week.

I enjoy to change up the type of workouts to keep things interesting and target unusual muscle groups.

I might focus on strenuous aerobics a single day and concentrate on strength training the next. I occasionally ride my bike, jump rope, swim laps or take my kayak out on the lake; One of my number one types of workouts is going for a run. I enjoy that running requires no special gear. I’ve bought numerous good quality pairs of running shoes that I alternate between, however this allows the shoes to restore their shape in-between. I’ve invested into clothing particular to a variety of weather. I have running attire that wicks away moisture and helps to keep me cool when the day is overheated and humid. I have gear that is designed to repel moisture and clothing to hold in heat while I was in frosty weather… Before the beginning of a run, I take the time to thoroughly moderate up. To reduce the opportunity of injury, I stretch my muscles, loosen up my joints and get my whole body ready for the run. I’m also conscientious about drinking plenty of water before, while I was in and after the run. I wear something called a camel pack that allows me to hydrate while I’m running. I have numerous routes in the neighborhood that I vary between. I can take a more than two-mile run that takes me through town. It’s quick and fairly straight-forward. I have a route that winds through the woods that covers eight miles and involves plenty of hills.


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