Enjoyed spring for the first time thanks to air purifier

I’m kind of wishing I had used our savings and had the whole home air purification unit installed earlier.

Yet, this is some HVAC technology that’s not exactly cheap.

We live on a budget so things like a whole home air purification system art items we can just write checks for. But we started looking at air purifiers last year as a way to improve indoor air quality of our house. Our house had an indoor air problem. That was thanks to 3 boys, two dogs and a cat. For sure, there is no shortage of odors in our house. And of course, we tried all the air fresheners and even borrowed an ionizer from a guy I know who works in a hotel. They helped but never solved the problem. As soon as the heat pump cycled on, the odors where right back on top of us. If we had company we had to light scented candles, plug-in room deodorizers and have a can of spray handy. HVAC professionals told us that if we really wanted to clean the odors out, we had to go after the bacteria causing the problem. And that bacteria was airborne. We had to have the sort of air purification at what address our needs. Since we weren’t too excited about having the sort of air purifier that we had to move around and had a filter to clean, we moved on. That’s when the HVAC professionals showed us what the whole home air purification system could do. And it fits inside the HVAC unit and doesn’t need any sort of filter cleaning because it uses UV light.


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