Getting some ductless Heating and Air Conditioning with current addition

So too several kids and not enough kitchens was causing major problems in our home.

My wifey and I could no longer try to ignore the fact that our kids couldn’t share kitchen space and something had to happen.

Both of us have twin boys would be able to share a room inside the air conditioner of our house until they left for school. The program was for many kids and we purchased this home based on that plan. But when the twins came it was a giant surprise. Sharing a room wasn’t that giant a problem until they got into middle school. Now that the boys are this age, there is hardly a moment when they are not fighting each other. Just like some peace and quiet inside the central air conditioner of my house. Buying a home was out of the question. Plus we like the system of adding value to this home as it’s our major investment. So we had a current room put on that came with current air conditioner. The current addition is a master kitchen suite and comes with its own ductless heat pump. The existing Heating and Air Conditioning device could not handle the addition of that much more air volume. This is why we have the ductless heat pump in the master suite. I’m so impressed with this heating and cooling equipment. And I appreciate the fact that it has remote control we can access from an app on our cellphone. But even better is the fact that our boys are getting to be friends again and there is quiet in our home.

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