Had to make HVAC accountability a priority

For me, it all changed once I became a homeowner.

Having never been a parent or a husband, owning my own home was a big life changer for me.

Owning a home good quality heating and air has forever changed my perspective. For such a long time, I lived in apartments. They weren’t fancy apartments either. This was because I was trying to save all the money I could for a down payment on a house. It meant living in apartments with old HVAC equipment and thin walls were required. It wasn’t the best situation but it was better than not living on my own. I spent a lot of time inside the commercial HVAC of the office so I really wasn’t in the apartment all that much. For my young adult life, my main focus has been my work. And this has allowed me to get on the fast track when it comes to career advancement. I’m doing my best to balance the amount of time I spend inside the commercial HVAC of the office with the rest of my life. But at this stage in my life, it just feels like the natural thing to do to just work hard. Still, getting my own little house made me feel way more adult. And there are so many things that come along with home ownership. For instance, I’m the one responsible for the HVAC equipment and all that goes with it. And I take my HVAC responsibilities seriously. That means making sure the air filter is changed and all the air ducts are open and unobstructed. I even joined the HVAC service plan offered by my HVAC company. This ensures that I’ll get the proper HVAC maintenance which is also a very adult thing to do.



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