He lost his air conditioning unit during the hurricane.

I can count the amount of hurricanes that have affected our home over the last fifty years, on one hand.

Even though we live in the south where hurricanes are frequent, they seldom reach us.

They go to the east, west, or even north of us, but seldom give us any trouble, except rain. Last year, a twenty-year storm hit us. The winds topped out at eighty miles an hour, but it was enough to cause concern. The biggest concern was falling trees, because we had a lot of them on our property. After the storm, my husband and I were perusing the property for damage. We lucked out and only had one tree come down, but our neighbor wasn’t as lucky. He literally lost his air conditioning unit during the hurricane. Our best guess was that since he lived near the river, the AC unit probably got pushed into the river and was now in the Gulf of Mexico. He swore the air conditioning had to be on his property, but no matter how much he looked, he couldn’t find it. He had to face it, but he was going to need a new air conditioning unit. His daughter showed up and told him she wanted him to move in with her and not worry about AC, but he refused. He said that as long as he could, he would be in the house, and until then she was to leave him alone, unless she planned on having the air conditioning unit installed for him. She called the HVAC company, but she didn’t stick around for it to be installed.
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