Hiring a good real estate agent can be beneficial to the property owner

I just rented a 2-bedroom townhouse, and I am so excited about this place.

It has a small back and front yard, a garage, walk-in closets, a huge master bathroom and it also has a small space for my office.

I honestly fell in love with this place when I first saw the apartments for rent website. Initially, I was searching for an apartment, but I fell in love with the townhouse and it just made sense for me to pursue it. Additionally, it was in the exact area that I wanted to live, and it wouldn’t create any extra travel time for when I needed to go to work. This place is perfect for me and the real estate agent who manages the property was really nice, and she assured me that she was only a phone call away if I needed anything. One thing I loved about this property is that the landlord approved annual property inspections. I have lived in a condo where my landlord did no such thing. In fact, I used to contact him yearly whenever the HVAC system needed maintenance. Annual property inspections are necessary for the property to keep in great condition. The checklist includes identifying and fixing damages, checking for mold, inspecting the HVAC unit, checking for plumbing issues, checking the carpeting or floors, and everything in between. The real estate agent already gave me the date for the next annual property inspection, and I don’t need to be present for the inspection unless I want to be. It’s good to know that the owners hired a real estate agent who is taking good care of their property.


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