How the weather impacts your energy bill

Winter’s been harsh, so you’re probably looking forward to spring’s warmer weather.

  • You may not be ready to move from heating to cooling just yet.

It is necessary to perform some end-of-winter maintenance on your HVAC system before it can switch gears. When a new season begins, it is a good idea to replace your air filter. The performance of your HVAC system can be adversely affected by a dirty air filter, leading to increased energy consumption and higher electricity costs. Replacing your HVAC filter will improve the air quality in your home. Changing your thermostat’s batteries is a good idea in case they have become weaker over time. Having a weak battery can result in poor indoor comfort. It is essential to set your programmable thermostat for summertime temperatures as the warm weather approaches. The air ducts must be clean in order for air to flow efficiently. As part of your winter maintenance, make sure your ductwork is free from damage or disrepair. Dust and debris clogging the ducts should be removed. The end of winter maintenance tasks that you may not be able to accomplish yourself can be accomplished by your HVAC technician. Only a highly trained professional is capable of checking the refrigerant charge in your HVAC system and tracing and repairing leaks.


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