HVAC replacement was hassle free

I knew right away that having the HVAC technician knocking on the door when he finished the HVAC maintenance couldn’t be a good thing.

He normally just says hi and then gets to work, finishes up and is on his way. So I had a pretty ominous feeling when I heard the HVAC technician knocking on the front door again. Well, that wasn’t even half the surprise. The reason he was knocking on the door what’s the wet me know that the HVAC equipment was near the end. He suggested I get a plan together in the very near future to replace the HVAC equipment in my home. I was caught completely off guard. It probably shouldn’t have been a surprise given the old HVAC unit was closing in on a quarter century of flawless heating and cooling. Still, I just wasn’t expecting it and was just not up for the hassle of getting new residential HVAC equipment. However, now that it’s all finished up, there was no need for worry. A few days went by before I called the HVAC company. I made an appointment with the HVAC contractor for the following week. That was about the extent of the effort I had to make through the entire process. My wife and I went over our heating and cooling preferences an HVAC contractor showed us the latest in the HVAC technology. All we had to do was pick out what we wanted and agree to the terms. It was that simple. The HVAC professionals took care of everything else and the installation was flawless.



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