I am retiring in a week

It is approaching the time for retirement for me.

I have been easily working as a certified heating and a/c tech for the same local heat and air conditioning system biz for nearly 45 years.

It is a miracle that the company is still going strong and still are around after all these years! Most of the small mom and pop heating and a/c companies love the single I have been easily working for these many years go out of business after about 10 years tops. But this heating and a/c biz passed the torch down to their children and they retired. That is how the heating and a/c biz stayed around and will be around for years to come. My retirement is just a single week away now. It is hard to think I am more or less getting old now. It just seems love a few weeks ago that I was a hot young heating and a/c tech in the heat and air conditioning system business. Time easily flies when you love the work that you do. But I have decided I want to collect my pension and retire because I am easily getting too old to keep doing this intense heating and a/c repair and installation work. Especially the heating and a/c installation jobs. Those take a toll on the older folks love me because of all the physical labor involved. It is nothing close to repairing central heating and cooling systems. When I retire I am just going to chill out and love whatever life is left. I sure gained it with as hard as I have worked all of these 45 years.



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