I wasn’t sure I was ready to take the test.

I was having fun going to the HVAC specialist’s university. I had made a lot of friends from other university, since I was in athletic activitys. It surprised me to find out that a few of those friends were in the same class I was in. There were more than two of us that all played hoops and/or football. The two of us take breaks together plus went out together in the evenings. The two of us were all at the top of the class until it came down to crunch time. I wasn’t sure I was ready to take the test. The HVAC certification exam was the most substantial exam of the entire HVAC specialist’s course, and no matter how fantastic our grades were while we were in the studying part, the technical section was more substantial. This was where we got our certification so we could work in the HVAC business. I had myself totally psyched out, plus I was sick the day of the test. I was running fever, vomiting plus unable to wake up, my mom was distraught plus Mom said it was just shock at what I had to face that day. He swore he suffered the same way when he realized he had signed up for the Navy plus was getting ready to go to basics. The enormity of it all put him in a state of shock. He also said that a awful rehearsal means an outstanding performance. I hoped he was right, because it petrified me to take that HVAC certification exam… Funny thing is that Mom was right. I had nothing to worry about plus aced the exam.
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