It can also help clean up a flood

But I had unleashed a mini river in the lavatory when it first flooded.

There are a few different ways our portable area furnace is beneficial to me. The first and foremost was that it came in handy to provide our central heating and AC component a break. I can run my portable area furnace in any size room in the apartment and it heats it up really nicely within an hour. Hence making it so that I do not even need to turn on our central heating and AC on the furnace setting. This saves myself and Ed a lot of money on our bi-weekly electric bills. But the most amazing thing that I found useful for the portable area furnace recently was that it helped dry and clean up a flood I had in the lavatory. The sink had a leak in it which I had to call a plumber to fix. But I had unleashed a mini river in the lavatory when it first flooded. So what I did was to carefully plug in our portable area furnace where there was no water up on a shelf in the lavatory, I set it on undoubtedly high and then left the lavatory for about a half an hour. When I opened the door to check things out, the portable area furnace made the lavatory so hot and dry that it nearly cleaned up most of the water! It evaporated and after that we just had to mop up the undoubtedly little that was left behind. It was a real godsend and saved myself and others the hassle of having to get a shop vacuum to clean everything up. I could not suppose that our system actually worked!


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