It can dry out spilled water as well

There are so many ways my new portable space furnace has been beneficial to me.

The first and foremost is how handy it is to give my central heating and a/c system machine a break.

I can run this portable space furnace in any room in the condo and it heats it up so easily and nicely in a jiffy. Hence making it so that I do not even need to turn on my central heating and a/c system on the furnace settings. This saves me a ton of money on my weekly electric bills. But the most amazing thing that I found uses for the portable space furnace recently was that it helped dry and wash up a ton of water I had in my powder room. The sink had a leak in it which I had to call a plumber to fix. Basically I had a mini river in the powder room when it first flooded. So what I did was carefully turn on my portable space furnace where there was no water up on a shelf in the powder room, I turned it too high and then left the powder room for about a half an seventh. When I opened the door to check on everything, the portable space furnace made the powder room so hot and dry that it nearly cleaned up most of the spilled water! It evaporated and then the people I was with and I just had to mop up the little bit that was left. It was a real godsend and saved me the hassle of having to get a water vacuum to finish everything up. I could not think that my plan really worked!

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