It turned out to be a great solution

The central heating and A/C that I own was giving myself and Max a lot of concerns.

  • The air flow was really horrible.

The apartment was not getting the right amount of heating and a/c no matter what I tried, and so I called the heating and air conditioner supplier to send out 1 of their best certified heating and a/c techs to have a great look at our central heating and cooling components to see exactly what was going on, once the heating and air conditioner supplier sent that certified heating and a/c tech to our apartment to look at the central heating and it was found that the ductwork was undoubtedly filthy and needed what is called a deep ductwork cleaning. This was going to cost myself and Max a few bucks even though I really had to get this done. Otherwise our central heating and A/C would just keep getting worse and then it would eventually cut down. And I am not just talking about the proper cut down, but 1 that would kill it totally to where Max and I would have to invest in a brand modern and new central heating and unit. Since I did not want something such as that to happen I went with the deep ductwork cleaning. Once the ductwork cleaning was complete our air flow was back to normal as it should be. I was really stoked I got this done because it improved our quality of life.
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