Modular shipping bin home on the grape fields

I purchased myself acres of grape fields since I am branching into the business; I have rows plus rows of grapes. It is a gorgeous view plus I live where I work now… Everything is so convenient. I am a sizable time hunter too. I can actually shoot our bow or gun without bothering anyone. I needed to have a condo set up in order to live on the fields though. I briefly considered building it but then nixed the idea. I am a easy man. I don’t need a gorgeous multiple story condo with a wrap-around porch, and that can come later when I have a family, however for now I looked at modular homes. Modular shipping bin homes are quite elaborate, then you can hook as multiple shipping containers together as you want. You could get a multiple story condo with a substantial porch if need be. I just hooked several of them together though. I have a home office, bathroom, kitchen plus living area. It is just sizable enough for a single man. There aren’t any frills plus I didn’t spend extra to make it pretty from the outside, what do I care about? I just wanted someplace I could cook, shower plus sleep plus it serves all of those functions. What is the selling point are our fields. I can work as long as I want plus then walk to our condo when I need to. I might end up keeping our affordable home solution for a long time. It could eventually be turned into quite the storage facility for farm equipment.

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