Mom bought a tiny house.

Mom had been a widow for a long time and didn’t entertain the thought of ever remarrying. She was okay with friends and going out for dinner with men, but if they even showed the slightest hint that they were looking for a relationship other than friendship, she didn’t see them again. To make people understand how sure she was she wanted to be alone, she bought a tiny house, and put it in my backyard. She had an electric line run from our house to the tiny house and planned on spending the rest of her life enjoying the company of her family, without being in their home. I asked her what she was going to do for HVAC? She told me about a ductless HVAC system. She took me into the tiny house while they were still setting it up and showed me the inside HVAC unit. We then went outside, and she pointed out where the outside unit was going to be. I liked that the small HVAC system was going to heat and cool the entire house. It was small, but it was compact and gave the impression of being much roomier. It reminded me of a small suite my husband and I had when we got married. There was a full kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Although it was less than 900 square feet, it was very comfortable, and the single HVAC unit kept us cool.

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