Need roofers to remove the stack on our house

The previous owners decided to add a wood stove to the residing room.

  • They made it fully functional too even though it wasn’t necessary.

There is a main heating element and the apartment is down south, but so adding another gas furnace was pointless. They built a brick pad for the woodstove to sit on and vented it through the wood ceiling. Then they added a stack onto the roof to make it fully functional; I am a single woman. I am not handy or overly strong either. I started freaking out about how I was going to remove this woodstove. The local Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier took the stove off our hands but then we was left with a pipe in our ceiling and a stack on the roof. I started looking at residential roofing companies to see if they could at least remove the stack. Thankfully the local roofing supplier I found does general contracting too. They guy came and looked at our roof, but he then asked about the brick pad and ceiling replaces. I told him I didn’t suppose what to do. So we made a deal for a price that takes care of the whole project. The roofers are going to remove the stack and make the patches, then next they are going to remove the pipe and repair our wood ceiling… Lastly the brick pad will be torn out and I will only need to put a patch in our flooring. I am happy that all I will need to do is throw down a rug over the spot in our residing room. The roofer even told me that I could hire them to repair the flooring and have teh whole residing room match if I wanted.

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