Only 1 more month until I retire

It is coming up on my time to retire.

I have been working as a certified heating and a/c specialist for the same local heater and air conditioner supply chain for nearly 45 years.

It is a miracle that they are still going strong and still are around after so many years! Many small mom and pop heater and a/c companies, appreciate the 1 I have been working for all these years go under after about 10 years tops. But this local heating and a/c supply chain passed the torch down to the next generation and they retired. That is how the heating and a/c supplier stayed around and will be around for decades to come. My retirement is just 1 month a way. It is strenuous to suppose I am more or less ancient now, but It just seems appreciate a few months ago that I was a young and hot heating and a/c specialist in the heat and air conditioner business. Time really does fly when you love the job that you do. But I have decided to collect our pension and retire because I am really getting to be too ancient to keep doing this heating and a/c repair and replacement work. Especially the heater and a/c replacement. That takes a toll on the older folks such as myself and others because of all the physical labor involved. It is nothing at all like repairing central heating and cooling systems. When I retire I am just going to relax and have fun with whatever life is left. I sure earned it with as strenuously as I have worked all of these years.

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