Our new residential HVAC is helping pay for itself

For me, there is nothing quite as sweet as a big, surprise bonus that I just wasn’t at all expecting.

And this is just what I received with the new HVAC equipment the HVAC company just installed.

I love this new residential HVAC. The last time we put in an HVAC unit, we were in a much more budget conscious mode since we were buying the house. But we still got our money’s worth out of that old HVAC equipment. It’s really amazing to have gotten over 20 years out of that HVAC unit. This is also a reflection on the value of HVAC maintenance. We made sure that the HVAC unit got heating maintenance in the fall. Then we followed that up with an air conditioning tune up in the spring. HVAC maintenance works obviously. So when we were looking at upgrading the HVAC equipment as it started to wind down, we had a bit more flexibility when it came to finances. This meant that I could go a little deeper on quality HVAC technology for the new HVAC unit. This is exactly the way I went. We now have a smart thermostat that provides zone controlled HVAC throughout the house. The new residential HVAC is so efficient got the SEER rating is triple what our old one was. And that’s where the bonus comes in. This new HVAC unit is so cost effective that it’s actually helping us pay for the cost of buying it! I’m thrilled with the quality heating and air we are getting from the new HVAC technology. But I have to say the added bonus of having all the heating and cooling cost saving is the biggest bonus by far.



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