Saved our guest quarters with some help from the HVAC professionals

A big part of my job keeps me out on the road quite regularly. And that means I’m always adjust to different heating and cooling needs. My wife is my best friend and I hate being apart from her. When I came home from a trip few months ago, there were boxes stacked inside the guest room. This was curious because they really had nothing to do with guests. My wife knew how I felt about junk rooms so I didn’t press it. The next time I came off the road, there was even more boxes in that room so this time I said something. My wife started in on how the heating and cooling in that room just wasn’t suitable so she thought it would be best to use that room for storage. I didn’t say much and just gave a sort of blank stare. Inside my head, the red flags were waving. I’ve seen this before with my own mother. My dad let her get away with it for years. And he ended up with an entire house full of junk. At the same time, I wasn’t all that into confronting my wife given how I like to spend my time at home in peace. But I did call the HVAC company to make an appointment to speak with an HVAC professional. During that meeting, I learned all about turning my HVAC equipment into zone controlled HVAC. Quietly, I made the appointments to get that very thing done and a thermostat placed inside that guest room. We now have a guest room that is for guests not boxes.
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