Someone did not do the professional window tint film with professionalism.

My dad got me a second-hand car for my eighteenth birthday.

I was thrilled to have a car I could take to college and go out on dates.

I no longer had to ask to borrow their car to go to work, either. The only thing that bothered me about the car was the window tint film. Whoever had installed the window tint film hadn’t done a very good job. There were bubbles in the windshield that had me looking at the bubbles and not where I was going. It was distracting to see those bubbles and the spots where the window tint film was lifting and torn. I wondered how long ago the window tint film had been installed. If it was recent, the job may be still be under warranty. If it had been done quite some time ago, it would be easy to remove and be replaced. I wanted window tint film to help with the solar hating, and to protect the upholstery in the car. I took the car to a car customization shop and asked about window tint film. I showed them the job that had previously been done on the car. They told me that whoever had installed the window tint film had not done it professionally. They were sure the previous owners had installed the window tint film on their own. They quoted a price for the job and said that some of the cost could change because of what I window tint film I wanted. I just wanted something that wouldn’t be distracting, but would do the job I expected from window tint film.


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