The AC unit was in the basement.

I was house shopping with my sister last week.

Her husband had to work, so she had me tag along to take pictures and give my opinion.

I wasn’t the best at house shopping, but I was up for a day out of the house. She knew my husband was an HVAC technician and thought I could give her some ideas about whether it was a good AC unit or furnace. I told her I knew nothing about HVAC systems, but with some pictures, my husband could give her some ideas. We saw so many houses over the next five hours that I couldn’t remember what the houses or the HVAC looked like. If it weren’t for the pictures, I would have been lost. We both laughed when we looked at the one picture. The house was cute, but the lawn was so small, they couldn’t put a central air conditioning unit outside. They had to put the AC unit inside the garage. I wondered how it was going to get enough airflow to get air conditioning into the house. Then we realized getting air conditioning into that house would be easy. The AC unit was on the outside wall of the house, and the mini garage was attached. There were only three rooms in the house, if you didn’t include the bathroom, and they were all quite small. How the realtor thought this house was going to be big enough for my sister and her six-year-old son,son was totally beyond me. We kept the picture, but scrapped that house as a possibility.

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