The licensed electrician set up automated lighting for our office building

Automated lighting systems can provide comfort, convenience, energy savings, and security.

Automated lighting systems require a central wireless panel that controls all of the lighting features for one specific part of that house or the entire house.

The control panel allows you to set different parts of the lighting for various times of the day. This can really help out with security. I wanted to set an automated lighting plan for our office building. My wife and I own two office buildings. We work out of one office building and the other building is on the other side of town. Sometimes we don’t visit that off this building for several days. I wanted to set up some type of security and alarm system that included automated lighting features. I knew that would help deter people from vandalizing the property at night. I didn’t have a night time security guard, but I knew motion sensor lighting would help. I had an electrician install the automated lighting features. All of the features are way too advanced for a layman. The commercial electrician worked all day on the project. We even have the timers set to a solar panel that collects energy and tells the system when it’s daytime and night time. Hopefully all of the security features will keep kids away from the building so we don’t end up with graffiti. That’s really the biggest problem in the neighborhood, but it can be costly to continually paint over a commercial building week after week. Some paint jobs cost a thousand dollars or more because the graffiti paint is so dark and thick.