The old water heater works wonderfully for me

When it comes to the way Max and I love to heat our home, I love the old school way. I use an old hot water boiler that is about 20 years old and it is still easily working easily wonderfully this week as it did almost 2 decades ago. This is not unrespected for a hot water boiler… Unlike using a central heating and a/c system machine that you would be fortunate if it lasts even 15 years, using a hot water boiler can last much longer if you take wonderful care of it and keep up on the various Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair needed for it. And that is exactly what Max and I have done and why I may have this old hot water boiler at least another decade! Not to mention, when heating your beach home with a hot water boiler you save tons on energy use. Which in turn saves you a lot of money per year on your weekly bills. Especially when it gets chilly and damp out and you are having to run your furnace all of the time. If you have a central heating and a/c system and set it high during chilly Winter time weeks, you will see sky-high electric bills that may make you go broke unless you are rich and have a lot of money to blow. This is not me and Max. And again this is the main reason I love the old ways of heating my beach home. I love the hot water boiler that Max and I have. I never plan to get rid of it. When it finally breaks for good, Max and I will either get another hot water boiler if they still exist at that time.