There was water near the A/C system

we discovered the problem was a rusted component that we replaced

Last year, I got laid off and decided to offer our services for money, I am an air conditioner serviceman and have worked in the cooling industry for years, but when I got laid off, I set up a social media account and featured my services to home and commercial property owners, but the indoor comfort supplier had not only taught me more about air conditioner but also survival skills. I started with the people around me, gradually got referrals, and could sustain myself through that rough period. My first job was in air conditioner repair at our neighbor’s site, he had woken to find a puddle of water near his air conditioner. At first, he thought the pets spilled water, but when the air quality reduced that week, he sought our help. He heard about me from a buddy that I had suggested to him on how often to schedule HVAC repair, and occasionally there is a challenge working alone in this line of work because when a complex system or issue arises, I can get another opinion or system from a fellow air conditioner provider. When I worked for the air conditioner dealer, I paired with an experienced a/c serviceman, and we worked perfectly together on residential and commercial A/C systems. Several weeks ago, a client called me and requested I have a look at his multi-break air conditioner unit. After checking the quality a/c and replacing the filter, I still could not figure out the issue. I called an old colleague in the next village who would pass by to help me. we discovered the problem was a rusted component that we replaced. We also fixed the digital control unit, which had been giving false learnings.

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