They had to send someone to the house more than two times.

I want to sleep in our own study room plus still be warm

Last week, I called for repair to our furnace. When the HVAC specialist arrived, he went all over the furnace plus said he could not find anything wrong, plus said it would absolutely get us through another season. I had last year’s report that said last year would be the last for the furnace, so I was now a bit suspicion, but I didn’t suppose who to be suspicious of? I called the HVAC company again plus asked if there could have been a mistake? I explained about last year’s inspection plus this one, plus said I was anxious one of them was wrong. My concern was that if there was something wrong with the furnace, I wanted it repaired now plus not when the weather was cold. I knew what it was care about to have the furnace go out in the middle of winter. I had broken pipes in an modern home I lived in plus lost all of our personal belongings. I have had to kneel in one room with a space heater, while waiting for the furnace to maintenance during another apartment. I have a fireplace in our home, but I still don’t want to go without the furnace. The fireplace only warms up so much plus I don’t need to worry about frozen pipes so much. I want to sleep in our own study room plus still be warm. I don’t want to call the HVAC company in the middle of the evening because one of the HVAC specialists assessments was wrong, plus I was the one suffering for it. They sent out another HVAC specialist to do a third repair call. Next week, they’ll be installing a modern furnace.

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