We were meeting the recruits for indoor comfort company

Days filled with confusion were right ahead, recruits were coming in, and their confusion continued for the first few days.

Some of my colleagues relished this day, I could remember my first days, not all were pleasant, we were meeting the recruits, and my responsibility was to onboard them.

I consistently enjoyed onboarding recruits because it was an opportunity to get a fresh perspective and know about how we run our operations plus toil with the HVAC units systems. The air conditioning supplier is known for manufacturing quality air conditionings and offering excellent help with indoor comfort for our customers. Recruits are consistently happy to begin working in a supplier with a strong reputation, as was our indoor comfort business. The onboarding process involves familiarizing the recruits with the aged and new unit and taking them through the different approaches to undertake when working on these systems. I also assign them to experienced air conditioning contractors who have honed their HVAC upgrade and repair skills, but a recognizable lady in this group of recruits seemed very interested in the processes. She asked several questions about the new technology on odd systems plus thermostats, not to mention HVAC repair. She also answered a complex question related to a multi-chop air conditioning unit. She reminded me of myself when I was starting. I was so eager to learn more about air conditioning. We finished the day by going to many air conditioning provider stores for first-hand experience interacting with customers. The future of air quality plus air conditioning repair was in safe hands. The cooling industry had enough room for every air conditioning serviceman in that session. Though it was a long day, I constantly feel fulfilled when I impart my knowledge to young people.

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